Birth Photography

Why hire a Birth photographer?

The arrival of your long awaited baby is one of the most emotional and momentous occasions in your life. For months you’ve felt this tiny beautiful human-being hiccup, kick and move inside you and finally the day has arrived when you will meet this little person. Whether this is your first, third or last baby, nothing can compare to that moment when you meet for this first time, face to face.

Birth photography is designed to capture those precious moments, that are otherwise forgotten in the midst of adrenaline and excitement.

The photos from your labor and delivery are a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of your life. Allowing a photographer to handle this important task will not only free up Dad or your other support person to be more available to you during your labor and delivery, but it will also ensure that his or her participation is captured on film. Dad won’t have to worry about taking photos, so he’ll be better able to enjoy the moment right along with you. He can be a more active participant on a day worthy of documenting!


Words can not describe the profound impact of that arrival, the first touch, the first breath, and the first cry.  By hiring a birth photographer, you are ensuring that your husband/partner, friends and family are present in the moment and not trying to figure out camera and flash settings!


So... What is Birth Photography?

A beautiful documentary style of photography, that portray this moment in a truthful, artistic, creative and skilfully crafted and emotional set of images.

Q & A

Q. When should we book?
A. As soon as you’ve decided to have your birth captured, and preferably before 34 weeks so arrangements can be made to be on-call for the 2 weeks prior to your due date.

Q. Will my “private parts” be captured?
A. The photographs can be as graphic as you wish, crowning photographs are only taken upon request.

Q. Will you post the photographs on the internet?
A. Nothing will posted on social media, the internet, or on display in the studio without prior consent.

Q. When will we call you?
The coverage of your birth will be discussed at your prenatal meeting. Some parents like full coverage of labour, deliver, and up to 2hrs post delivery. Others only call me when they are in active labour and at 5cm, this is when I would make my way to the birth location.  Either way it is important that we keep in touch in the weeks leading up to delivery.

Q. How long will you stay?
As each birth is different and impossible to predict, this is a difficult question to answer. Our Birth packages cover up to 10hrs at the birthing location. If you have an exceedingly long labour, additional hours will be charged separately.

Q. What if I have a cesarean section?
It is important that you discuss this possibility with your OBGYN/Midwife before your due date. In the event of not being allowed access to the operating room, rest assured that there is still ample opportunity for capturing those first few moments

Q. What if you miss our birth?
Whilst every arrangement is made to make myself available, there is a chance given the nature of child birth that we may miss the birth. If this situation should occur, and I am at fault. I will attend your birth location at the first opportunity to capture a “First 48” session free of charge. Your birth session fee will be fully refunded.
If we miss the birth due to an extremely fast delivery or if you have not called us in time, there is no refund, but you may wish to use your credit towards a newborn session at our studio (within the first 5-12 days ideally)

Q. What equipment will you use?
We use only the best professional quality equipment, for both capturing your birth and processing your images. Being experienced in low level light, flash is not often used in this environment. (If your room is very dark, we may obviously wish to make some adjustments to avoid dark images. This will be covered in more detail during your prenatal meeting)

Q. How many photographs will we receive?
There are no limits to the number of photographs taken during our time together, typically families receive between 75-250 images sometimes more! You are however guaranteed 80-100 high resolution JPEG images.

Q. Tell me more about my images.
Your images will be a mixture of colour, and black and white. The more graphic images will be given to you in black and white, but colour versions are available on request. They will be professionally edited prior to being handed to you on USB, in high resolution JPEG format. Once you’ve had a chance to review your images, professional quality prints may be purchased.


Although it’s taken some time for people to warm to the idea of Birth Photography, and to having an extra person in the delivery room, once you’re in labour you won’t even notice we’re there!

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